Power of Decentralized Finance


The community must have control over Yearn’s financial protocols and even the distribution of Yearn’s Financial Protocol coins. Is not it being great to have governance completely on-chain, without needing to manually update parameters. Feedback from the community is quite valid and to the point. That’s why we’ve created solutions to tackle all of these problems, to bring Yearn finances to you, whether you’re a big or small player.

Governance Council

Ecosystem Growth

Fuel finance as a whole is governance. This project aims to bring the true value of longing finance accessible to all users. The Council members are committed to providing a stable foundation for the Fuel ecosystem. They empower businesses and entrepreneurs to offer Decentralized Finance Applications(DApps) with responsiveness, robustness, and usability on par with those based on legacy technologies as to remove all adoption hurdles.



Stake your tokens and get 78% Stable APR

Vaults follow unique strategies that are designed to maximize the yield of the deposited asset and minimize risk.

Get a quick glance at how your portfolio is growing while invested in yearn’s products.

Earn performs profit switching for lending providers, moving your funds autonomously.

Alliance of multinational businesses and organizations, responsible and driving the ecosystem growth.



Fuel Finance Development Plan on 2020

2020 Q3
  • Concept Generation
  • Project launch
  • Marketing Research
2020 Q3
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • DEX & CEX listing
2020 Q4
  • UI & UX Yield farm design
  • Built with DOT & LINK
  • $UniFuel Airdrop for Holders
2021 Q1
  • Fuel Blockchain Testnet
  • DeFi Launch: Decentralized Exchange

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